I will give you advice on any medical or surgical issue

give you advice on any medical or surgical issue

About This Gig

  1. I will give you advice on any medical-surgical issue, specially in the field of general medicine, general surgery,  gastrointestinal and hernia surgery.
  2. If you have any physical problem and you are wondering to which specialist attend, i will guide you through.
  3. If you were given any diagnosis, and you are wondering about it or have any question, I will explain it to you in a very didactic way.
  4. If you need to get a surgery done, I will explain it in a very comprehensible way, so you could get through it , in a very peaceful way, without  any worries.
  5. If had a prescription made and have any doubts about indications, adverse events, interactions please let me know and i will help you.

 I will explain everything with support of ej. Skype, Power Point, Drawings, Table, Schemes, figures  etc. for you better understanding

I would be 100 % confidential with all details provided by you.

Always managing to meet the ultimate objective of health care, that  is to provide the best patient care

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