I will do any SQL related work for $5

/ / 3 Days On Average
do any SQL related work
do any SQL related work
do any SQL related work
do any SQL related work

About This Gig

I am a Database specialist and have an experience of 3 years in this field. I can write any sort of SQL queries from simple to complex.i have a grip on Oracle, My SQL , SQL SERVER MANAGEMENT STUDIO. I have done many Projects and made many database applications and also in other languages like c++,Java,Database,Html,Java script and Asp.Net.

Some of my projects were:
1.Windows Calculator(GUI using Java, and the same was done as an assignment once using c sharp)
2.Petrol Filling Station Management System (GUI in Java and database using Oracle)
3.Auction House Management System (C plus plus -trees based and GUI )
4.Captures- Photography website(Asp.net)
5.Mobile shop management (SQL SERVER with GUI in c sharp)
6.Grade cad (Java and Excel Handling with GUI)
Your work will be done with full responsibility and up to the level of proficiency.
Text me before placing an order.

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