I will boost your League of Legends account

Super fast! And the price is so reasonable
Reviewed by l19940606 over 1 year ago
I was very surprised on how fast he got this work done, great seller. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by veryyoung over 1 year ago
boost your League of Legends account
boost your League of Legends account

About This Gig

Stuck in ELO-hell?

Sometimes it can take many games to reach an ELO indicative of your skill, so I am here to help!

I am a Diamond 1 player willing to boost any account on the NA server. The standard one-gig rate is for two wins. I can guarantee competitive rates (can match competitors' offers) and will finish faster than anyone as well. My rates are as follows:

Bronze V - Bronze I:  $10/division
Bronze I - Silver III:  $15/division
Silver III - Gold III:  $20/division
Gold III - Plat V:  $25/division
Plat V - Plat III:  $30/division
Plat III - Plat I:  $35/division
Plat I - Dia V:  $45
Diamond divisions variable by MMR ranging from $45-75

Tier promotions include an extra $5 charge. If ordering three or more divisions at one time, we can negotiate a discount. Refer a friend and also receive a discount or a group rate.

**I also offer coaching in the form of spectating/live commenting on your game, recorded game analysis, or duo queuing /w voice chat.

Have questions? Feel free to message me, and I will respond promptly! Past inquiries I've received included coaching requests, scheduling specific times to boost for spectating purposes, and specific champ/role requests. I am open to all inquiries!

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