I will make an ukulele song, perform and record with your lyrics

make an ukulele song, perform and record with your lyrics

About This Gig

I will make an ukulele song using the text, poem, letter, etc. That you want, it's very good to dedicate a personal song, weddings, friendly songs, birthday songs and even publicity. The length of the song can be between 30 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes. The rhythm for the song can be chosen or a reference of how you want it to sound. Every special request can be put on consideration, but some requests will require extra charges. Also extra instruments are available and you can choose between: Bass, percussion, guitar and extra vocals.

The project can also be send and the delivery of the song will be between 4 work days, but if you want it really fast because of a hurry. Don't worry! for a little extra I'll make it happen with the same professionalism of all projects and the delivery will be made in 1 day.

If required, I can pass the music sheet for another extra if it's in pentatonic sheet and free for the chords with the lyrics. I'm open to any suggestion and requests, I'll always try to make it possible and answer right away if my expertise isn't enough for that.

Order Details

4 days delivery 1 Revision