I will post 20 wordpress web content post to your blog or website

post 20 wordpress web content post to your blog or website

About This Gig

This gig is not for writing job. Under This gig, you have to provide the contents, images and other sources based on your demand. I will just post the contents into your website, as a new post or by creating a new page, based on your choice.

It will be great if you create a new user for me and then send it to me.  Or you can do what you want to make me an user of your website.

This gig Includes

Creating New Blog Post Including
    1. Adding a Header.
    2. Adding contents to the Description Box.
    3. Adding Category.
    4. Inserting Image (re-sizing image, adding alt and description texts if needed) and setting featured as image.
    5. Adding Tags for keywords and SEO purpose.
    6. Adding embedded code for video and music.
    7. Adding hyperlinks under different text, keywords and so on.

Creating New Pages Including.
    1. Placing page into the menu of the website also for dropdown menu.
    2. placing the page as a sub-page under a parent page.

Contents can be formatted based on your choice.

Note : " No Adult posting please "

Please discuss about the job before placing the order

Gig Paused