I will gratefully accept your TIPS

gratefully accept your TIPS

About This Gig

It is an absolute JOY for me to be the Guardian of the Sacred Stones!

Creating your crystal gemstone grid involves a commitment of time and a process of love.

I cleanse my sacred space and the stones and say a prayer for guidance.

After meditation, the appropriate grid pattern and crystals are chosen.

Intuitively and with care, the crystals are placed on the grid patten in such a manner as to support each other and to facilitate the flow of Divine energy through the grid by aligning them precisely.

Then I meditate and channel Divine energy to you.  I sometimes send energy for 3 days, depending upon the request or need.

After I have charged the grid, I take a number of photos.  I sort through the photos to find the best ones for you and send them with your order for you to use during your meditations.

Many times I send additional reading or informational material to support you.

It is am deeply honored to be of service and I am extremely grateful for gratuities which I may receive for my services.

Thank you!  

Crystal Light Blessings
Fay Kelley
Joyful Stones