I will send CALMING Crystal Energy to you as your Crystal Healer

send CALMING Crystal Energy to you as your Crystal Healer

About This Gig

Remote healing is as effective as in-person healing because we all are interconnected energetically. I design each crystal healing session and each grid arrangement specifically for you.

This crystal grid receives Divine healing energies during my meditations, and a photo of this grid, which I send to you, carries with it those same energies. You may use the photo during your meditations if you like.

CRYSTAL ENERGY can ease tension in your body and soothe your soul. Gemstone vibrations encourage TRANQUILITY and allow you to relax mentally and physically.

I will create a CUSTOM crystal gemstone GRID for you and channel Divine spiritual healing energy to bring you a serene sense of well being.

Crystal Light Blessings!

Fay Kelley, MA, CCH, CCT,  SSGP, CPD, RGM
Joyful Stones

Certified Crystal Healer
Advanced Crystal Therapist
Sacred Stone Grids Practitioner
Certified Pendulum Dowser
Reiki Grandmaster
Spiritual Animal Healer
Angelic Crystal Healing and Oracle cards
Registered Metaphysical Practitioner
Registered Holistic Practitioner