I will edit Mix and Master your song

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edit Mix and Master your song
edit Mix and Master your song

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For 5$:
  • I'll mix one song with up to (2) vocal tracks, to a full instrumental that you have recorded to.
  • That includes editing, FX, compression, reverb, EQ, etc. to get your song to pro quality as possible.
  • Then I will master the full song (unless you tell me otherwise)

More Options:

For More Vocal Tracks Mixed make your selections in Gig Extras
For Instruments Tracks Mixed make your selection in Gig Extras

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Order Details:

  • Once you order, upload files via Fiverr or msg to me a download link.
  • Send me your audio tracks/stems in WAV/AIFF/MP3 or MP4 format.
  • Send me your audio tracks dry, no compression, no reverb, no efx, etc.
  • Quality of the audio you provide is important to the end outcome/results.
  • For detailed vocal pitch & timing using Melodyne/Logic: add the SINGER'S PACKAGE to your order.
  • "Basic" Auto-Tune or timing correction is included (within fair reason)
  • Delivered within 3 - 6 days (unless 1-day delivery is selected)
  • Will mix/master any genre & style.
  • I do not accept sessions.
  • Message me with any other questions.

Order Details

6 days delivery

Mix & Master your song

Mix/Master up to two (2) vocal tracks to a pre-mixed instrumental

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  • Mixing
  • Mastering