I will write a high quality personalized short story for $5

write a high quality personalized short story
write a high quality personalized short story

About This Gig

There are many kinds of stories. Some you read and forget. Some you reread. Some you remember too well to reread for some time.

Then there are the ones you read and forget, for a while. And months later on a sunny Wednesday morning, while you pull out the third non-matching pair of socks from a drawer, you find yourself thinking of the story. Of that quietly compelling land that you built from a stranger's words. It's your world now.

Later that evening, you hurriedly kick off your shoes as soon you step into your home, pull out that book and smile at the first words - that world is still in place. There are sounds of people around you, the radio is humming, and your socks are still not matching - but you are somewhere and somewhen else, stepping forth in that world with wonder afresh.

These are the stories I wish to write ...


I will write a personalized story for you, but I need to know your idea and approve it first. 

I will share a .docx file with you upon completion. The story will be more than 500 words. If the story requires it, I might choose to write up to 1500 words with no extra charge.

I will revise the story only once, if you wish to make any changes to it.