I will craft a Contextual Translation

craft a Contextual Translation

About This Gig

This gig has the purpose of rendering a Crafted Contextual Translation of a 500 words text. 

I'm a native speaker of both, English and Spanish languages, and I'll translate contextually from one to another, so it doesn’t matter if the text is originally in Spanish or English. 

I don't use any translation software but my own skills to translate texts. I have a vast vocabulary in both languages and I focus on the ideas on the text for a better translation of the text. 

Every translation here, is a piece of craft. 

One page has on average 500 words.

Important for you:

- $5.00 per each 500 words, that is one page average at Calibri font 11 points and 1.15 of spacing.

- All my content is under Creative-Commons Atribution Licence.

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