I will film a Full HD drum video for your song

film a Full HD drum video for your song
film a Full HD drum video for your song

About This Gig

Welcome to my gig!
I am a professional drummer and I'm able to record, edit and mix totally professional drum videos and drum tracks for your song - Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, Fusion, Country & Reggae!

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FatCatDrumsChannel

Included in the standard gig is a two angle video (up to three minutes, no audio).


- Add another minute: 15$
- Audio Recording: Professional stereo drum mix incl. edit & mix: 35$
- Get the rough or mixed single drum tracks: 25$
- Add another camera angle: 10$
- Add-On layers like brushes, cymbal swells or shaker (custom offer): 10$
- Revision (1 add-on per 30 sec of change, custom offer): 40$

The standard gig includes the video only (audio from the camera).

For the audio add-on: 

- You'll need to provide me with a backing track, that is played to a click.
- I will deliver the drum tracks bounced from the beginning of your track, so you easily can align all tracks.
- All drums will be produced using high-quality microphones, drums and cymbals and the recording room is a proven room to record drums in!
- You will get fully produced and professional drum tracks, for an insane offer here on Fiverr.
- Incl. commercial use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get with the standard gig?
    Without ordering the audio add-on you will get only the drum video of me playing your song with the audio of the camera. This is not a professional audio recording. Only with the audio add-on, you will get a professional audio recording incl. edit & mix as a stereo wav and in sync with your video.
  • Which cameras do you use for your video production?
    I use the Canon 600D with 1080p Full HD resolution!
  • Which video editing software do you use?
    I use Premiere Pro CC.
  • What's the workflow of your drum video production, if I order the audio add-on?
    I will play several takes of your song and record audio and video. I will finalize the audio by using the best parts of each drumming take and edit it, so there are no flaws. I will use the audio and sync all video takes in Premiere. Then I choose the right video takes that fit the audio takes.
  • How will you deliver the audio, if I order the extra audio ad-on?
    You will get the professionally edited & mixed stereo audio file (wav) that you can use in your audio software. In addition to that, your video will be in sync with this finished audio. That means, that the video that you will get, will have my professional drumming audio already in the video.
  • What is the best workflow for me to work with your video, if I order the audio add-on?
    If you order the add-on, you can record your song on my wav file. When you are done, you can just align your finished song with the video and it will fit the drumming. Tip: The easiest way to align your track with the video is to sync the audio tracks! I can also do it for you (custom offer).