I will do SEO keyword research for more web traffic for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
do SEO keyword research for more web traffic
do SEO keyword research for more web traffic

About This Gig

With all the talk in the SEO world today about content, authorship and social signals it’s easy to forget a little thing that happens to be the foundation of SEO:keyword research.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that without these magic words, there’s no such thing as SEO. They also help you figure out the thoughts, fears, and desires of your target market (as your Analytics stats will tell you, people type their inner-most thoughts into Google’s little search bar).

If you can master the lost art of finding awesome words for your business — you’ll not only benefit from more search engine traffic – but you’ll also know your customers better than your competition.

Well today, all that changes.

Because now you can purchase a gig from me that is going to show you exactly the words and phrases that your target market uses to find information on the web.

And when you tailor your on-page SEO around the list I give you, you’ll watch your site rocket to the top of Google — landing you more leads, sales and commissions in the process.


  • One main keyword per gig (e.g. "iPhone" will give you tons of keywords with traffic that are relevant to "iPhone")