I will create your awesome looped animated gif

create your awesome looped animated gif

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Description GIF+ GIF++ GIF+++
  Up to 5 seconds of basic animation. Up to 10 seconds of animation. Up to 20 seconds of complex animation.
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About This Gig

Get your awesome animated .gif now!

GIFs are used almost everywhere:  Logos,  animated greetings cards, web elements, banners, avatars, signatures, info-graphics, charts & graphs, stickers, etc… GIF files are standard, optimized and handy!

GIF file format has a maximum of 500 frames and 256 color limit.

The "IDLE" duration is free, when there are no pixel changes on a frame compared to the previous frame, it is considered an idle frame.

I will provide multiple GIF files, optimized in different quality and file size depending on the package.

Animations created will be seamlessly looped unless if required otherwise.

You can choose FPS, duration, dimensions, file size, color count, and transparency; If you are not sure what exactly you need I will help you decide!

Transparency is included on the gig, however you can consult me whether to have it or not!

Photoshop source files are provided free; if applicable After Effects or Cinema 4D files can be obtained as extras upon request.

Thank you

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the relationship between FPS (Frames Per Second) and Total Duration?
    As FPS drops, animation becomes less smooth, though this is not necessarily always a bad thing. Since GIF file format can not have more than 500 frames, an animation with 30 FPS can never be longer than ~16.6 seconds; if it was 10 FPS the max possible duration would be 50 seconds!
  • What would increase a GIF file-size?
    More frames = Increased file-size, More number of colors = Increased file-size, More pixels = increased file-size, Using certain techniques like diffusion to improve gradient elements such as lights = increase file-size
  • Do you have questions on other things, such as transparency or looping?
    Consultation is absolutely free, so just ask your questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability!
  • What constitue a complex animaton?
    Any animation that requires 3D rendering and outputting in different passes or in general anything that requires extra work is considered a complex animation. A simple 2D animation with frame by frame manual labor is considered a complex animation while a 3D rotating cube is a simple animation.
  • What techniques will be used in animating GIF files?
    I will use all of my experience and skills in different 2D and 3D software as well as coding if needed; if I can't do it I will tell you!