I will send you a Biblical Reference Library

send you a Biblical Reference Library

About This Gig

Your Own Biblical Research Library!

Most everyone would agree that the Bible is the greatest literary and spiritual masterpiece ever known to humankind. In this book that contains 66 books, we are given the keys to eternal life, wisdom for everyday living, and lessons to change  our lives forever.

But often reading the Bible alone leaves us with more questions than answers. That is where this library comes in...with an offer to provide you with the time-tested resources that can help you to become an expert on the Bible, Christian living, and the History of the Church.

This package includes over 20 Volumes (WITH OVER 14,000 PAGES!!!) that answer all the questions you've ever had about the Holy Scriptures. These digital classics will change the way you look at the Bible forever.

What s Included?

  • Easton s Bible Dictionary
  • Matthew Henry s Whole Bible Commentary
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion (4 Volumes)
  • Nave s Topical Bible
  • People s New Testament Commentary
  • Smith s Bible Dictionary
  • The Treasury of David (6 Volumes)
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • History of the Christian Church (Volumes 1 8)


You can t lose with this package. You can only enlighten yourself.

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