I will be your artist manager

be your artist manager
be your artist manager

About This Gig

Virtual artist management
At some point in your life, you run into this topic, artist management. Anything that comes in your path, artist management will assist you in getting your music career to the next level.

Why me?
  • I run an own record label and music publisher, working with artists and pushing their careers forward is my daily job.
  • The knowlegde necessary for artist management is vast and most reputable when it comes from daily experience. I qualify for all of these.
  • I do not treat you as a 'roster filler'. Your career succes translates in my fiverr succes.
  • I provide you with excellent advice and are unlike other artist management agencies, not bound to any contracts that dictate what can and cant be said. 

What do i provide?
That depends on what you need. Please send me an PM with your wishes, questions and thoughts. The more input you give, the better i can assist your music career.  

Order Details

Virtual artist management

We decide both upon your wishes what you would like me to do as your manager.

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an contract involved?
    No, but the conversation in Fiverr is legally binding. If you want though, i can write up what we have agreed upon and sign it with you.
  • Are you willing to sign an NDA?
    Standard i treat any information shared to me as private and thus expect the same from all the business partners i work with to get your music career to the next level. The only exception is necessary information required to do my job for your wishes.
  • Can i change my requests to the artist management?
    Yes, provided we chat and agree both at these changes.