I will fix wordpress CSS quick

fix wordpress CSS quick

About This Gig

For $5, I will do ONE of the following quick CSS fix of any website design or Wordpress :
  1. Fix Margin
  2. Adjust alignments
  3. Fix Padding issues
  4. Fix Position of any content  type
  5. Fix mouse hover and touch screen issues
  6. Make colors consistent
  7. Reposition Menus widgets sidebar
  8. Stylize post types
  9. Home, authors, products page, posts, contact, about, privacy
  10. Make typography consistent 
  11. Remove bad CSS
  12. Fix design errors in contact form
  13. Fix CSS for pictures and Videos
  14. Make content prominent for Google Ranking
  15. Validate HTML and CSS
  16. Optimize CSS delivery time
  17. Fix Social icons
  18. Improve button styles

Order Details

Standard CSS fix

Fix two css issue as mentioned in gig description

1 day delivery