I will provide male vocals for a song

provide male vocals for a song
provide male vocals for a song
provide male vocals for a song

About This Gig

I will provide male vocals for your song not exceeding 3 minutes in length. An additional $5 is added for every additional minute block. (e.g. 3 minutes 33 seconds OR 4 minutes would both cost you $30) Please select the proper additional blocks needed when placing your order.

You must provide lyric sheets, backing track, and a backing track with guide vocals/lead melody.

Finished track will be sent to you in mp3 format. Separate pricing available for project files (AIFF uncompressed stems).

Samples of my work on Spotify/iTunes can be found at 


“Tan already sounds better than many of the lead vocalists in local bands...”
- Christopher Lim, Executive Lifestyle Desk, Business Times

"Absolutely gorgeous…the sincerity and emotion in Nick’s vocals make all the difference here."
- Jeremy, Sleeping Bag Studios

"Catchy, indie folk-pop..."
- Samantha, RCGNTN: Singapore

“A good effort.” ★ ★ ★
- Christopher Toh, TODAY

"These 5 tracks emphasize what an exciting talent Nick is..."
- Kevin Mathews, Power of Pop 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my song is less than 3 minutes long?
    You still have to purchase the order with the base $25 block, sorry! I need a base rate in order for me to start a project.
  • Do you do translation/songwriting/play a guitar/keyboard/instrument for me?
    No, unfortunately I don't provide those services at this point in time.
  • Will you do collaborations or sing on my song for free?
    My friend, you're on fiverr. Our prices are already super low. Nothing will be given to you for free.
  • I don't have/can't provide the three things you asked for in your requirements. Will you still be able to deliver my order?
    Unfortunately I won't be able to, as the three requirements will enable me to most quickly and accurately deliver what you want.