I will teach you price action 1 hr session

teach you price action 1 hr session
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About This Gig

I will teach you how to become a price action trader. I will cover the following topics:

1.Candlesticks Reading&Interpretation

2. Trend formation

3. Trend Reversal

4. Market structure and levels

5. Price action tools vs Indicators

Extras Includes:
  •  Higher Timeframe trick/tip
  • Trading Psychology
  • Building Consistency: habits and practices.
  • Becoming a proactive trader instead of a reactive trader.

Order Details

Price action tutorial

I will teach you price actin techniques basic to intermediate.

1 day delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will this Information be useful to me?
    You will be able to trade any strategy once you understand the price action behind it. This is the secret to becoming a successful trader.
  • Is the information provided newbie friendly?
  • Will I be able to make money using price action?
    Yes, As long as you practice what you learn
  • How much trading experience do i have?
    I have almost 4 years of experience trading binary options. I have experienced hands on, what works, and what doesn't . My aim is to teach you to trade so that you can trade for yourself forever, no signal service no upsells. I will teach you the right way.
  • What software will be used for the tutorial?
    I will use Teamviewer 11, It's a free software, so you can download and set it up in minutes.