I will write your story based on your synopsis

write your story based on your synopsis

About This Gig

Do you have an idea for a story you would like to have written? Do you know the theme, the characters and the general flow of the story, but would like a helping hand with fleshing it out into a finished product?

Give me a synopsis describing the most important plot points of your story, and I will write the finished work. Whether you want a classic short story, a children's fairytale, or even a stageplay or a screenplay, I will complete the job and make your idea stick to the page.

The synopsis you hand me may be a five-line bullet point list, or several pages of detailed character descriptions and essays detailing the underlying morality and symbolism of your story.

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Story based on synopsis

Give me the synopsis of the story you would like to tell, and I will write you the finished thing.

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