I will provide you legal advice very fast

provide you legal advice very fast
provide you legal advice very fast

About This Gig

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For $5 we will answer three legal questions. 

How it works:  You will submit a max 250 word fact summary and max 3 specific questions, and we will review and try our best to answer your questions and/or at least point you in the right direction. If you have multiple questions, please purchase multiple gigs. 

Please Understand:  This gig is not meant to resolve your legal issues. Rather, it is intended to provide you with guidance on what the law is, how to proceed and how to find additional information and resources.  

Message me before purchasing if you have any questions about this gig.

Areas of Expertise:
Best advices for Greek Comercial Law
How to invest in Greece?
Family Law
Investing in Europe
Corporation, LLC, Non-Profit Formation and Governance
Shareholder Rights
Issuance and Sale of Stock
Trademarks and Copyrights
Employment Law
Contract Drafting
Real Estate Law

The $5 gig does NOT include reviews of documents or research. See my Extras below for related services I offer. 

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind we are  Europeans attorneys and can only offer European-based legal advice.  Any information provided is merely for educational purposes. 

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