I will make Cash flow Statement of Your Business

make Cash flow Statement of Your Business

About This Gig

I am a professional big 4 company manager. I have done job with companies of million dollars of revenue. Here in fiverr this is hobby and passion to achieve good results. 

I offer you professional financial services.
Here in this gig I will prepare your cash flow statement

Create a 12 month projected cash flow statement or
Project 12 month profit and loss excel sheet.

  • I can create 12 month project cash flow statement,
  • I need some documents from the company if there is a company that is already working and some additional information.
  • If it is start-up business I'll need projections for expected revenues, expected expenses, information on operating costs, recovery days for receivables, days for the payment of obligations, if the company has a credit I will need the amount of monthly installments and cash with which you plan to start a business

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