I will find your roots researching your family genealogy


About This Gig

I have a passion for reuniting families with their ancestors. Let me help you discover your past and find your roots!

In my basic Gig, I will spend 1 hour assisting you with whatever genealogical research you need me to do for only $5! Each additional research hour is $20. Want to find out more about your Dad's side of your family tree? Your Mom's or even both? Anything! You tell me what you're longing to find out and I will research it. The initial 1 hour of research includes the time involved researching your history and also includes a detailed genealogical report.

I have to say that nothing in genealogy is guaranteed. Records can be lost, burned, unavailable in certain states, etc. But it is my #1 goal to find anything I can for you, leaving no stone left unturned. If I run into a case where extra costs apply for retrieving certain genealogical records, I will let you know and can provide you with a Custom Order for the charges.

I excel in North American, United Kingdom, and Finnish records.

Also, I have extra gigs that will help bring your family history to life! The more time you allow, the deeper into your history I can go. My only goal is to help you find your roots today!

Order Details

Research Bundle

1 Hour of Research + Report

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do I need to provide you with when I place an order?
    Any information you have on your family will help me research. Full names, dates of birth/death, locations lived, etc. This includes any family members such as your parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings, etc. If you do not know many of these, no problem! I can work with what YOU KNOW!