I will pitch correct your vocals and tune them to perfection

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About This Gig

I will use a program named Melodyne, in which I can tweak your notes into their correct pitch without harming the natural tone and quality of your voice, unlike most auto-tune softwares.

I have years of experience with this program and know it inside-and-out, so I will deliver a perfect vocal tuning.

I will tune up a vocal line for $5 for the basic gig, if you have more than one stem needing tuned like backing vocals or harmonies, please check out my extras for that.

Please supply the backing track separately to the vocal track. Please supply .wav, and use dropbox or file sharing service to send me big files.

If your song has a lot of vocal stems (large choirs, backing vocals/adblibs that you wouldn't consider as an entire stem) that need tuning also, please message me. We can discuss a custom order to fit your budget.

I offer mixing and mastering also, check the 'extras' section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you allow files with multiple vocals in harmony?
    No, my tuning software can only lock onto your voice if it is one lone vocal melody. Please give every voice separate in a different file.
  • How do you 'tune' my vocals? Do you just run it through a plugin that does all the work?
    No, I run it through Melodyne, which detects your melody, then I go through and individually tweak every note and syllable into it's correct place.
  • Will my vocals sound too 'tuned' or unnatural?
    My software is great at keeping every note perfectly natural-sounding without adding any digital aliasing or strange artifacts. If you'd like me to make it sound unnatural, and the classic 'autotune' sound of the 2000s, I can do that too.