I will play viola for your song

play viola for your song
play viola for your song

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About This Gig

Looking for somebody to play a viola part in your song? 
Perhaps I can help. 
I have had more than 8 years of experience playing in private lessons, solo competitions, youth, school and even professional orchestras.


Message me:
-Sheet Music or a good indication of what you want.
-Tempo marking/click track/your track so far.
*NO extra cost for an improvised track!*

-A high quality MP3 of viola recording 
-Unlimited revisions (within reason)
-Full rights

Pricing (minutes):
  • Less than 3 = ($5)
  • Between 3:01 - 5:99  = ($10)
  • 6 - 9:99 = ($15)
  • 10+ = Message me for more info

If your song requires a longer solo or multiple viola layers please send me a message and I'll give you an estimate.

Message me and I'll even record a free demo.
If you'd like!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you give me all of the rights to the music?
    Yes, I give all of the rights to my recording. All I ask for in return is a little shoutout!
  • How many revisions do you typically include?
    Usually 3 revisions is my max, but given a special circumstance, I can extend to 5 revisions.
  • What style of music do you typically play?
    I have been (and continuing to be) classically trained. However, I can improvise and learn quickly. I have recently played in such styles as Celtic and folk.