I will hold sign with celebrities

The picture is pixelated and not high resolution. I assumed that the picture that you would provide would be of high quality. Also, the other picture looks completely unrealistic. You should state on your description that your pictures are pixelated.
Reviewed by welovedc 7 months ago
As described. Looks good, thank you.
Reviewed by diondrec 9 months ago
Wonderful experience! Delivered exactly what I wanted, and more, the very first time!! I'm already planning my next gig with Firasezz.
Reviewed by sonyadee 10 months ago
So awesome! Just superb! Thanks!!!!
Reviewed by heathervitale 10 months ago
WOW WOW WOW! Great Work!
Reviewed by poweracademy 10 months ago
Excellent work ! Thanks
Reviewed by esaesem 12 months ago
Very happy and pleased.
Reviewed by legalrich about 1 year ago
amazing good job
Reviewed by wer1tv about 1 year ago
Awesome Work! will definitely be coming back!, this guys the real deal!!!
Reviewed by novek123 about 1 year ago
Excellent Gig and Excellent Work. Would have preffered the images delviered in JPeg format rather than RAR which I had to convert but thats no big deal. The work itself was awesome!
Reviewed by elitehypnosis almost 2 years ago
My silly spell check messed up the name but they fixed it within the hour,thank you so much for the update. Gotta get one for all my sib's now.
Reviewed by cblmns almost 2 years ago
I thought I was going to get one and he made 4! Thank you, my wife will love these.
Reviewed by nicofer about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by peopleshift over 2 years ago
Absolutely recommended. Great work, delivered on time, and delivered more than I asked (paid) for.
Reviewed by szabolcs over 2 years ago
thank you very much
Reviewed by adnansthe1 over 2 years ago
Communication was minimal. Not much to say. Directions were clear. Service was as described, if not a little better than described. I probably won't be needing this service again, so the potential of recommending it is possible.
Reviewed by skyelogic over 2 years ago
Great job! Fun service!
Reviewed by ajearland over 2 years ago
Reviewed by bestbottleever over 2 years ago
hold sign with celebrities
hold sign with celebrities
hold sign with celebrities

About This Gig

hi there
As a kind of advertising we see some  peoples  hold  signs on there papers 

But the new topic and exclusive that to see your sign holds with Celebrity
that you like.

this is my gig about ill make your lovely Celebrity hold your sign or your message 

professionally and just for $5

order my gig now