About This Gig

I will draw you a digital colored sketch of any type of animal or creature that you message me. It will be in color! I will send you the results in a .png (unless you specify something else!) :) All are drawn with a graphics tablet, using Photoshop! I will draw one animal per gig. I will do small revisions and changes if its not exactly to your liking! It's important to me that you get what you paid for :)

All drawings come with my logo attached, unless the copyrights extra is bought. I am of course willing to move the logo around, shrink it, or make it transparent. The gig is for a "sketch" so the outline will be a little unclean. Click the extra for "clean outline" if you want it to be very clean. 

*I will not be able to deliver on weekends, please consider this before ordering the Extra Fast extra