I will heal your Aura and remove negatives energies

heal your Aura and remove negatives energies

About This Gig

Your physical body is protected by a energy that is also called your etheric body : Aura " that surrounds your physical body. 

The aura protects you not only against diseases but also from spiritual interference. when the soul energy is not fully present leaving a weak and small aura that can even have cracks and holes where negative entities and energies can grab onto.

Using the knowledge of  Hermetic Alchemy, and the Seven Hermetic Principles, a treatment process will be initiated that is produced and activated by the seven Hermetic Principles that has been used for thousands of years.   

I will;
  • Clear your energy field ( Aura )
  • Heal and Balance the Aura
  • Ensure that your Aura is smooth and in harmony 

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