I will give you Football and other Sports pick winners

give you Football and other Sports pick winners
give you Football and other Sports pick winners
give you Football and other Sports pick winners

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A Recognized Leader and Trusted Name in Sports Handicapping Since 1971 in Las Vegas

We welcome you to try us out and see why we're different.

For a limited time, I am offering a Handicapped Sports Pick for $5, simply because we want to prove how awesome our handicapping service really is!

  • Picks by some of the top betting minds in the country

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This is NOT a free pick this is a actual member pick for FREE.

Expert NFL Picks

This is our favorite time of year !! football has been the foundation of our company for 45 years. Yes, the company was founded back in 1971 and this is the sport that we are famous for when it comes to sports handicapping. We are one of the few handicappers that have withstood the test of time and there is no secret to our success. It has always been hard work, honesty, consistent winners, and excellent customer service. Our team spends hours researching every college and NFL game weekly and collectively you will not find a better group on handicappers in the entire country. I am here in Las Vegas Nevada and spend hours Daily in the sportsbooks always getting the latest info

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A Winning Sports Pick from Las Vegas

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • After my $5 Investment, Do I have to spend anymore money or are there any more obligations?
    NO commitments. NO Credit Card. NO Salesman. we want to show you, how good we are!!
  • would you bet your own money on the pick you provide?
    yes, and i do, I spend hours daily here in las vegas sportsbooks to get the best edge possible!!
  • can I keep on getting winners every week?
    yes, after you purchase this gig and see how good we are, I will provide you with a link to get more winners!!