I will protect your Word document from plagiarism

protect your Word document from plagiarism

About This Gig

Are you afraid that when you share your book/document it will be stolen and plagiarised?

I know how you feel, one of my books was stolen this way.

I will securely encrypt and password protect your document. BUT a password alone is not enough! People can open the file then copy and paste all of your text you worked hard to research and write. They can also convert your file into a different file and then steel your text. Or they can print it into PDF and then convert back into an unprotected word document. Other people can use Save As to convert it into a file without protection!

I CAN PROTECT YOUR FILE FROM ALL OF IT!!! Additionally to the password and encrypting I will protect your document text from being copy and pasted, printed, saved as, or converted. After the document is protected this way the person you share the document with will only be able to open it with a password, view it and NOTHING ELSE!

The document MUST be in Word 2007 or later. The final protected Word document will use macros and will not be editable.

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1 day delivery

Document Plagiarism Protection

Password, Encryption, Copy and Paste, Conversion and Print Protection