I will carefully PROOFREAD and edit 1000 words

carefully PROOFREAD and edit 1000 words
carefully PROOFREAD and edit 1000 words
carefully PROOFREAD and edit 1000 words
carefully PROOFREAD and edit 1000 words

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Description Proofread Proofread + Edit & Add Proofread + Edit + Re-write
  I will review and proofread document, content, article or essay up-to 1000 words I will review and proofread plus EDIT and ADD words to ANY document, content, article up-to 1250 I will review and plus EDIT and ADD SENTENCES to ANY document, content, article up-to 2500
Feedback is suggestions about how a text's style, content and readability can be improved.
Print Layout
Preparing layout for print is the arrangement of all elements and text in the document for legibility.
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 2
Delivery Time 1 day
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This Package includes 1000 words. For each additional 500 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 1250 words. For each additional 1250 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 2500 words. For each additional 2000 words, the price is $5.
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About This Gig

*Please order my Extra Fast option for if you need your work within 24 hours. Thank you!

1st, send me your "Document, Essay, Article, Content, Blog Posts, E-books, Novels etc." before
you submit or post!
I will CAREFULLY review and proofread for punctuation, grammar, spelling, syntax, sentence structure and content.

*Grammar and common spelling *eorrs (errors) and *mistkes (mistakes ) will carefully be eliminated!

Perfect for ranking content from foreign and international users online in North America, UK and EU!

  • I am a NATIVE English-speaker and consistently have a "Flesch Kincaid Grade" Level above Grade 18+
  • Increase unique content with real human editing and feedback!
  • Graduate Level Canadian English Standard (British and American English)
  • BEAT YOUR DEADLINE - in a rush, don't submit without a FAST quick review 1st!

Order Today!

--You will receive a "formatted/print-ready final version" plus a marked-up version with all of my changes highlighted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of DOCUMENTS/TEXT do you accept?
    I accept and will work with the following type of text's and documents etc.: -Essays -Articles -Blogposts -Fiction/Non-Fiction -Website Content -E-books -Interviews -Advertisements -Assignments Do not accept: -Erotica -Mature Content -War/Violent
  • How do I know you CHANGED anything?
    This gig order provides proofreading and editing, in addition, I provide a copy of the 'tracked changes' in multiple documents!
  • Do you re-write and ADD content?
    Yes, I offer a Gig option where I include an EDITED copy/version. In addition to a careful review, I will edit and add words/sentences that best fit the tone/style of your writing.
  • Do I have to specify what I want CHANGED?
    No, I will review and proofread any specific content/document you include, without further instruction.
  • What advantage does this give my CONTENT/BLOG POST'S?
    Your article and content will be seen as genuine and unique! Spelling errors and poor grammar = low rank and considered as SPAM or PLAGIARIZED CONTENT.
  • Do you CAREFULLY Proofread or rush through?
    After you order, I provide careful and meticulous proofreading in a short amount of time. I review spelling, grammar, and punctuation INSTANTANEOUSLY.