I will make cartoon of you law of ATTRACTION

make cartoon of you law of ATTRACTION

About This Gig

Welcome to law of attraction caricature Gig.

What mental pictures you are forming in your mind creates your reality I will draw What's your state of mind now and what you want to achieve in your lifeCurrent state and desired state
Sometimes it's difficult to imagine how I will be look like But when you get vector cartoon of yourself, you can make it as your belief.
About the Law of attraction

Like attracts like What you think repeatedly ,you will attract it in your life.
Goal should be SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

Put on wall 
Office desk
Mobile Bg
Mobile cover
On your own T-shirt
Your car cover
Your bike cover 
As a sticker
Gift someone on his birthday
Desktop wall paper
Business cards
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube cover

Planning is very important in life... One who don't plan actually their neurons are not making a pathway.its deep science.Successful People make good plan.

Leave it on universe.. Don't worry about time..instead give your time in feeling good when you achieved it.  Visualization works when you focus on tiny details and feel gratitude of having it now. When you got opportunity just act. Because you desired it... Right