I will exclusive Italian National Voice Talent

Excellent work!! We will work togheter again on other projects. We recommend Ale, is a great professional. Thanks.
Reviewed by softagile over 1 year ago
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Our first gig with this seller. We are very satisfied and will be back with more. By the way ... instant service. Within in 5 minutes the first reaction, within ours the first take, and within 30 minutes the requested modification (our mistake, not his). Higly recommended service!
Reviewed by klaascruyff over 1 year ago
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exclusive Italian National Voice Talent
exclusive Italian National Voice Talent

About This Gig

Ciao! I'm a professional and national italian voice talent.
Need me? No problems :-)
Write a message and then starting to work together!

I can work for: narrations, commercials, voice-mail, radio speaker, trailers, promo, liners....

Ciao! Sono uno speaker professionista, voce nazionale.
Hai bisogno di me? Nessun problema!
Scrivimi prima un messaggio con quello che ti serve...e poi dopo una attenta analisi inizieremo a lavorare assieme al progetto. 
Sono veloce lo scoprirai!

Posso lavorare per narrazioni, spot radio o tv, segreterie telefoniche, speaker radiofonico, promo, trailers o tanto altro.