I will create a personalized instrumental song for your project

create a personalized instrumental song for your  project

About This Gig

My name is Fernando JM and I am the director and main composer of FJM Creative.  At FJM Creative our passion is creating, though we specialize in music composition and production.  

Whether it's:

*Cinematic music for short films
*Jingles for ads or promo videos
*Background music for tutorials or explainer videos
*Unique music for podcasts
*Beats/backing tracks for you to sing or record over
*Personalized children's songs (with lyrics)
*Thematic music for video games
*Music for any other unique project

My goal is to tailor unique, quality music that complements each individual project and to help other creative minds bring their ideas to fruition.

Our virtual instrument library is extensive and includes more rare, unique instruments such as the Russian Balalaika, Japanese Koto, Greek Bouzouki, Indian Tabla, and much more, apart from including more typical instruments of course. 
If you'd like for a specific instrument to be included in the arrangement, just ask and I'll include it.  If we don't have it in our library, I will do my best to acquire it.   
Inquire for special packages 

$5 for a one minute track
$10 each additional minute