I will professionally edit your video

My vid wasn't synced up with the audio once he converted/edited it for some odd reason. But he really stuck with making it right and sent it to me synced up!!!
Reviewed by revsab 4 months ago
Beyond pleased with service. Extremely fast delivery! Pure Excellence!
Reviewed by savvyqueen 10 months ago
Thank you, you did a great job !
Reviewed by ilange405 about 1 year ago
Yesterday the initial work needed re-doing, and nobody's infallible. It's times like these where you find out what a person is really like. Flacomania3000, thank you for getting straight back into it and completing another high quality product!
Reviewed by tilley2012 over 1 year ago
Flacomania3000 - twice now, excellent work, will definitely use again!!
Reviewed by tilley2012 over 1 year ago
I ordered the same job with 2different sellers. Both communicated well, but the delivery of the service was very different. Flacomania3000 nailed it, the other guy either had poor equipment or no idea. I would definitely recommend Flacomania3000 for future syncing work.
Reviewed by tilley2012 almost 2 years ago
A true master of video.
Reviewed by marketinggold about 2 years ago
Outstanding! All praises! I needed assistance and you improved my video not only meeting but exceeding my expections. My enduring thanks and gratitude for your swift, sure, deft work! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Live long and prosper!
Reviewed by akualezli over 2 years ago
ANOTHER amazing job!!! Thank you!
Reviewed by ldalien over 2 years ago
It looks good. Thank you.
Reviewed by scoobydoo200 over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by scoobydoo200 over 2 years ago
Reviewed by mateojorge over 2 years ago
Awesome job on my first video! Excited to see how the next 3 turn out! Will buy again! Thanks for the good communication!
Reviewed by colleen1000 over 2 years ago
Reviewed by marketinggold over 2 years ago
Reviewed by mateojorge over 2 years ago
Fast and professional! Excellent experience.
Reviewed by neoisone over 2 years ago
I am so pleased with my video!!! Thanks for making changes and being so patient with me. GREAT JOB!
Reviewed by darlenersanchez over 2 years ago
Good work I love it!! And I like the spin you added with the logo!
Reviewed by innermestudios over 2 years ago
Great epic job......cant wait to see it on youtube with my air video!
Reviewed by michaelmccauley over 2 years ago
Fantastic work and completed quickly. Thank you for a great gig and I look forward to having more videos edited by you. Cheers.
Reviewed by tdilopct over 2 years ago
professionally edit your video
professionally edit your video
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About This Gig

I will edit any type of video file for $5.00. The file must be under 5min in length, and all files are returned in Hd 720p resolution unless you check out my extra gig features for more options.This service includes advanced visual and sound effects, amazing fancy transitions, gorgeous title effects, shake removal, cutting & adding music in the right timing, audio sync and many more! 

professional video editing and post production on films,

Video hive After effect template editing

Wedding & Birthday Titles

short clips, music videos



titles. intros.

I Can provide your HD video in AVI, MP4,MOV,FLV & More 

I'm using Final cut x, motion 5, adobe premier, sony vegas etc.

Please be advised- this type of work takes time and dedication, so please take a minute to give me a brief description of what you want. I'm online 24/7 , I'll get back to you quickly and we can get started right away!

I am 24/7 online.