I will write or edit anything, English only for $5

write or edit anything, English only
write or edit anything, English only

About This Gig

I'm an established writer for online fanfiction archives, and I'd be willing to write pretty much anything.  I will be able to finish it within a maximum of two days, probably less then a few hours.  I am probably the best at just a standard piece of short fiction, but I can definitely do poetry, non-fiction pieces, and even essays if so desired.  I'd say my writing style is pretty standard, with a moderate sprinkling of metaphors and similes along with an expansive vocabulary.  It's also usually quite lighthearted and humorous.  I've also ghostwritten 2 published books(!!) and written countless things for people on Fiverr, with a perfect 5 star rating during over 20 gigs.  

***Note- Price is always up for negotiation.  If you feel your assignment is especially easy/I feel it's especially difficult, we can negotiate the specific pricing.