I will improve your YouTube GAMING content

improve your YouTube GAMING content
improve your YouTube GAMING content

About This Gig

Detailed guide on how to improve your YouTube content and channel made with over 5 years of experience by me.

My story:
Being a famous YouTuber was always my dream. I realised sitting on my chair playing games all day wouldn't bring me any closer to my dream so I had to make a change. First of all, my English was very bad, I used Movie Maker to edit my poorly recorded videos, I had no idea about advertising, only a few people would watch my videos because I would send links to them and so on... If you are familiar with all those problems, you should keep on reading because I know a very efficient way to fix your mistakes as well as improve them.

Common mistakes content creators do:

  • Record whenever they want to,
  • Bad construction of thumbnails,
  • Audio & Video quality not as expected,
  • Not organized content,
  • Use of description is very bad,
  • Fail to get views even when advertising,
  • Boring experience from a viewer's point, which causes you to lose even more views,
  • Short and empty or long and boring content,
  • Copyrighted music, effects,...

Those were just common problems..

So how can you 
fix them? That's why I am here, my goal is to help you grow your channel, order my package today


Order Details

Starter Package

Learn more about video editing, publishing, advertising, thumbnails and more!

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I ordered my package, when do I start?
    The process at the beginning is automated until I am available, so you don't have to worry about waiting for me.
  • When is Florjan available for work?
    I am available for work at least 3 hours per day from Monday to Friday and over 12 hours at the weekend.
  • What If I don't have a YouTube channel yet or want a fresh new start?
    In case you don't have a new YouTube channel yet or you want to start off fresh, I am also going to help you with setting up everything.
  • Which languages can Florjan communicate with customers?
    I can speak variety of languages decent. My standard language in this business is English but I also understand Slovene, Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian.
  • How will I communicate with Florjan once I purchase a package from him or before I purchase one?
    As I have mentioned, I've prepared a special automated process to take you through basics of my program. You will receive my information for several ways to contact me via the process. However, for business inquiries/before you purchase my email is: f.ostroznik@gmail.com
  • Is everything else beside the package itself free?
    Software and everything else is free in this package. However, many other content creators use paid software but that's not my way to do it because It just adds additional cost to the customer which is not my way of doing stuff. Most results will be the same with free software.
  • Is there a question you want to ask that wasn't answered here?
    You can contact me via email: f.ostroznik@gmail.com , I usually reply within the next 12-24h, depends on your time zone.