I will write you a rap song about anyting

write you a rap song about anyting

About This Gig

I am the best rapper at centennial high school. just give me a subject and i will give you the lyrics or rap about it myself the raps will be explicit unless otherwise notified. they will be at least 250 words and a max of 1000. I will try not to stop near 250 my goal is 500 words for each one. here is a free bee warning explicit and offends women if you dont like that dont read on Your bitch is like the 80's all she do is blow. Bitch best get ready for this sick ass flo Name flo session dropping bombs in this recession. i never gave a fuck man so got a bad first impression. well i fix that shit up and send your ass to geek squad playing basket ball with base ball player just broke the ankles of A-Rod. sorry yankees fan didnt mean to offend but you better back that thing up if you want to pay your rent pimping aint easy have you tried construction fuck one thing up and the city fill with destruction best be ready for this holey war i just got the last shipment from my friends gun store.

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