I will send you an encouraging handwritten letter

send you an encouraging handwritten letter

About This Gig

In the email and all electronic age we are living there is still nothing like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail.
When is the last time you have found something else but bills, catalogs, flyers and junk mail cluttered in your mailbox?

I send delightful motivational and unique letters that can brighten your day and break the routine. We all need to hear a few inspiring words now and then. 

If requested i could write about a certain topic and if answered, i will correspond for free. 

Extra gigs include:

Priority shipping - 5$ 
This means instead of 10 days, i will send in in only 2 days. Great extra gig if you're in a bad mood and need some incentive fast, or if you are generally not a patient person. 

Extra long letter - 5$
If you enjoy receiving letter, this extra gig should delight you. I will write an additional 200 words for your own pleasure. The more i write the more interesting it will get.

Surprise gift included - 15$
For 15 dollars i will include a beautiful gift, and a free gift bag. This will differ from offer to offer, so you will get something unique and suitable for you.


Order Details


Simple 250 words letter

10 days delivery
Number of words:
This Package includes 250 words. For each additional 200 words, the price is $5.