I will find two bugs in your Android application

find two bugs in your Android application

About This Gig

Deploying apps which has bug can not only leave a bad impression of your application but also impact your application's rating on Play Store based on users' provided ratings. Developers often tend to overlook possible bugs which can cause application to function improperly, or crash. However, someone who has not been involved in the application development phase can do the testing without any emotional attachment to the app.

For every 5$ order, I will install your (free) app on my device and report you two bugs. In case your application is paid, then you need to contact me so we can sort the app procurement/purchase. If you have any repository of application's known issue, then do let me know in advance so that you do not get duplicate bug reported.

In case, you are in need of thorough QA of your application, i.e., multiple bug reporting then contact/message me for a custom price quote before ordering. Bug will be reported within 3 weekdays of order receipt.

For PC/Desktop or web application testing, please contact/message me.

Order Details

4 days delivery