I will make you an estimate for your mobile app so that no one rips you

make you an estimate for your mobile app so that no one rips you

About This Gig

Many people think that the idea they have in mind is unique and worth exploring and implementing. However, lack of technical knowledge renders them incapable of estimating "how much the application development can cost." The development cost equation has many strange complex variables due to which need arises for formal budget estimation.

Yours truly is application developer and has an app or two to his credit and is here to help you with your estimation needs. I have learned the art of budget estimation 'hard way around', and I think can help other budding entrepreneurs to 'play it safe'.

The turnaround time mentioned is 5 days and these 5 days are working 5 days. If you have a rush or want to have your estimate done over the weekend as well, contact me and I will see how can we manage your problem.

The gig price would be refunded or adjusted automatically in your development cost if you decide to trust me with your application development.

One gig is only for one platform only. In case you need the estimate for more than one platform, kindly order accordingly.

Order Details

5 days delivery