I will a Budget for Business Plan with Excel Pivot Tables

a Budget for Business Plan with Excel Pivot Tables

About This Gig

Your IDEA needs a Business Plan and Budget to be presented to your partners and sponsors.  I will do an analysis of your idea and what resources and costs are needed to be accomplished.  The numbers will be tabulated in Excel Pivot Tables to study the cash flow needs and times.

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3 days delivery 3 Revisions

Budget for Business Plan with Excel

Budget based on resources & costs of Business Plan using Excel Pivot Tables

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What input do I need for my Business Plan
    You need the general IDEA and the material and human resources to be accomplished.
  • What are the advantages of tabulate the Business Plan Costs in Excel Pivot Tables
    In Pivot Tables you can analyse what phase and resource of your Plan will need more money. After that you can explore alternatives. Pivot Tables allows you to do Business Intelligence studies of your Plan.