I will help improve your gig so you can make sales faster

help improve your gig so you can make sales faster

About This Gig

You feel you've tried it all & you are getting too little attention, or no sales  at all!  Fiverr is competitive. Even with help articles & forum tips, there is no substitute for a veteran seller studying YOUR gig & helping you improve.

How do you promote yourself when new or without marketing help?
How do you write a great profile & gig description with character limits and many rules?
How do you keep from getting a gig denied?
How do you help buyers read your gig in English no matter what native language you and your buyer speak?
How do you use sales techniques on Fiverr or other sites?

Fiverr sometimes seems IMPOSSIBLE even though you've heard you can earn no matter where you are from & what kind of skills you have!

We have all been there. I've read thousands of posts by people in the same place.  No sales, slow sales, low impressions / views - all of this just sucks sometimes.

Gig help is here!  I've given advice to hundreds of people. I've helped them to become better sellers without breaking rules. With this gig, I can dedicate my time to YOU.

$5 covers an 800 word report with critique/advice on 1 gig profile & description. See extras for re-writing and packages for specials.

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I'll check one of your gigs and give most critical tips and tricks

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you re-write my gig description and profile?
    My package offers are for overall critiques/advice, and don't include re-writes, though may suggest some writing corrections. If you want full re-writes, those are available in the extras.
  • Will you give me advice and re-write my text if I sell writing services?
    I am happy to give advice to writers. All writers have their own strengths and weaknesses and can support each other. If your written English is poor and you are trying to sell writing services, though, I will fix typos but not re-write to the point that it deceives buyers.
  • If I am not a native English speaker and I buy re-write extras, how will you help me without deceiving buyers?
    If you sell writing gigs & you buy re-writes, I will only fix your typos. If you don't sell writing, there is nothing wrong with getting help to make your gig description clear and understandable. If you can communicate with me well enough to work together there is no reason we can't fix your gig.
  • If you critique my gigs and give me your best tips and tricks, will I make a lot of money?
    There is potential for any seller to make money on Fiverr. I don't sell a psychic gig, so I don't know how much you'll make and there are no guarantees. A poorly created gig is going to get you fewer or no sales. Help from a Fiverr veteran gives you a much better chance against the competition.
  • If you are a perfect writer yourself, why aren't your sales better than anyone?
    I am not a perfect writer. My degree is in literature. I'm not the grammar / typo police. This is sales copy where you may break all the rules. Gig descriptions don't need to have perfect writing - a gig isn't a school assignment. I'm happy with my own sales/level and I like to help others too! :)
  • What makes you qualified to help me?
    I have a degree in English lit, I've published in national magazines and sold hundreds of articles. I hosted foreign exchange students for 11 years. I've mentored new sellers for 2 years and helped hundreds on the forum. Many are now level 2 or more. Still, no promises - the effort is up to you!