I will answer ONE question using Horary Chart

answer ONE question using Horary Chart
answer ONE question using Horary Chart

About This Gig

Whenever the client is not sure or confident about correctness of birth time, Horary system offers correct and accurate prediction because chart is erected using current time. Some shortcomings in Vedic Horary are addressed in Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP). But a Horary Chart is applicable for a particular question only. 

Note: The report is explained by suitable astrological reasoning not amounting to teaching the subject of astrology. Seller's decision will be final in such cases.

In KP system client has to give any random number (which should not be his/her Lucky number/date or year of birth etc) which is taken as ascendant and the chart is worked out as usual. If question is for another person, client has to mention his relation with him/her.

Generrally horary system can answer any major questions which can be answered from Birth Chart. In addition many petty questions can be answered such as 

> missing person dead or alive? Will he come back and if so when?
> success in exam
> success in interview
> Is rumour true or false  etc. etc. 


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Get answer for ONE question using Horary Chart, transits and Vimshottari Dasha system