I will provide you with a winning indicator

provide you with a winning indicator

About This Gig

This is a customized MACD indicator which works by plotting MACD with respect to a reference line. That Line could be the Open price, Resistance Line or Support Line.  This can definitely enhance your trading strategy.

When MACD is > 0 you place a buy order. When MACD < 0 you place a sell order.

You are however advised to trail your profits once your positions reach a defined profit level. That way you will remain in profit while you have limited losses.

Personally, I would like to use the london open / tokyo open as reference line for the day and put my trades. Once, I have made the profit for the day I just wait for another day instead of greed taking over me.

Remember, money management is key to success. Cut your losses but trail your  PROFITS!

This indicator comes for the TOTAL PRICE of $45. Once, you buy it you will only get Ex4 file for the indicator.