I will give you 5 30 second radio commercials per day for 5 days

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give you 5 30 second radio commercials per day for 5 days
give you 5 30 second radio commercials per day for 5 days
give you 5 30 second radio commercials per day for 5 days
give you 5 30 second radio commercials per day for 5 days

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Description The Omni The 280Z The Delorean!
  Get 5 30 second commercials a day for 5 days for a maximim of 25 spots Oh yeah! Let's take a road trip!! Get more consistant exposure! 10 spots a day for 30 days Great Scott! You hit 88 and flipped the flux capacitor. 15 spots a day for 30 days McFly!
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About This Gig

Welcome back!

We were gone for a while due to some health challenges but we are back and ready to get your message out.

At one time we were a top rated seller and we hope to earn that back.

The Mighty 690 has history and is a recognized brand in Southern California. It was once a top 40 music powerhouse blanketing the west coast with a bold mix of 80's pop and new wave. This is a accurate recreation of what the station sounded like in the 80's, and our listeners LOVE it. This fiver gig will be very limited. You are buying  a 30 second announcement that will be played 5 times daily for 2 weeks.

You must provide a professionally produced commercial. You can use a producer on fiverr or we can produce your written script for you for an additional fee.

We value our listeners and we will not expose them to rip off's or cons. We will and do reserve the right to refuse your advertising. No porn or get rich quick schemes. If you have any questions please ask  before you buy. I also encourage you to listen to the station before you buy. You will find that our presentation, audio quality and music mix is and head and shoulders above must of the advertising opportunities here on fiverr. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can people listen to "The Mighty 690"?
    iTunes radio tuner is the desktop option. For mobile devices we have apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. These apps are available globally and are free.
  • How many people listen? Where do they listen?
    We have listeners all over the globe. We are strongest in Southern California and Baja California, Mexico but have listeners all over the globe. Listenership varies. The maximum we have had at once is 583
  • You say you only run :30 second commercials - why?
    We brand ourself as 'clutter free'. When we stop the music we are in and out of commercials quickly. That benefits the listener and YOU! If we play too many commercials or long commercials, we lose listeners and sponsors dont get their message heard.
  • Can I pay extra for a 60 second commercial?
    We do not play 60 second commercials.
  • When will my commercial play?
    We put all commercials in a system to get equal rotation in all dayparts. We can not promise you that your commercial will only run during daylight hours.