About This Gig

Want something memorable for a veteran, someone joining up,deployed, retired or someone who just loves airplanes? Have a wild special tactical plan involving an airplane - we do it all! We will hold up a sign with a short sign with a message, logo or picture of your choice, while flying a real combat vet warbird Airborne Forward Air Controller (FAC) aircraft.  "BASIC"  $5 You will get a still photo of us holding your sign or logo.  "RECRUIT" level $10 extra you will get a short (15-30 seconds) HD video, no audio other than engine noise, with us holding your sign/logo (up to four). "OPERATOR" level $40 extra you will get HD video, the sign/logo(s), multiple cams,voice message (30 sec or less) - NOTE: you must provide the script. To the  "OPERATOR"  level you can add the "FULL-UP RAGE" $40 extra (NOTE: $80 total in extras) and you get us "tactically raging" on your project - script/scenario assistance, longer video and audio messages, electronic titles, maybe some CGI explosions, napalm, rockets launches - tell us what fits your project? Need more - extended, eloborate scenes - just ask for a quote, we LOVE'em! We'd be pleased to hear your ideas and work your plan, just message us!