I will give certified Marriage Coaching and Advice

give certified Marriage Coaching and Advice

About This Gig

We can give you 15 minutes of real marriage and relationship coaching. We are Certified Marriage Coaches, Marriage and Conference Speakers, Authors of a Marriage Book, Blogtalk Radio hosts, writers and Columnists, featured on FOX 21, WBOC TV, Delmarva Life Television, and Radio interviews.

We can either correspond via email, or simply a 15 minute phone call would work. If we call, simply provide a number to call.

We highly recommend that both parties be on the phone.

We also highly recommend that you send us a .doc, pdf or text file or even email of as MUCH details as possible. In all truth, there are always (3) sides to each "story". Her side, his side and in between is the truth.

We do not "side" with anyone, but rather attempt to give practical insights as to what is going on, why it's going on and how to help.