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About This Gig

Diet Plan
As we discover how your metabolism works I'm gonna stipulate a plan with the best nutrient timing for you to consume the right nutrients in order to build lean muscle while maintanning low body fat levels.

Workout Plan
According to your available time to workout we will find the sweet spot! What that means? Create a plan where you will workout as much times as possible during the week with the intuit to improve every single session. For that I'm gonna give you the best exercices to target the muscle groups we want.  The goal is not to burnout every single session because we need to train smart. Avoiding injuries is essential too. Trust me!

I'm going to provide only the supplements that work. The most efficient ones. Not the ones that want to steal your money and give you some placebo effect. The fitness industry is full of that! I dont want you to be scammed.

Coaching Program
This means that for 30 days I will track your progress and make adjustments to your plans, every single day, if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you translate to other languages?
    Yes, I can do it but it will probably take more time than if it is in English or Portuguese (My native language)
  • How do I know that your plan will work?
    It will if you follow it. I have pictures of the progress I have made if you are still sceptical. Note that I'm already young and have already done a huge progress using this theories and knowledge. You will not regret it!