I will gather resources for you in Rust

gather resources for you in Rust

About This Gig

Pretty much just what the title says.  I will gather any resources requested for you in Rust.  I know how annoying it is to just sit there and farm resources for entire in game days at a time just so you can collect enough to make something you want.  Now you don't have to be the one collecting it!  Just let me know your steam info, server, and sleeping bag me in and I'll get to work collecting for you.  Now you can enjoy the more fun parts of Rust without having to do so much farming!
 $5 will get you ONE of the following:
- 20,000 wood
- 15,000 stone
- 5,000 metal ore
- 2,500 sulfer ore
- 1,000 Blueprint fragments
- 75 high quality metal ore
- 600 cloth
- 400 animal fat

Order Details

2 days delivery