I will league of Legends Basic Training

league of Legends Basic Training

About This Gig

I will be teaching people about the basics of improving your League of Legends game!  I have been playing since early season 1 and have participated in numerous tournaments and on a few teams and within communities and therefore have a lot of experience and knowledge about the game, from both a competitive and casual aspect, that I can share with others.  My target audience would be people that are stuck in bronze and some of the newcomers to the game that aren't level 30 yet.  My main account has bounced back and forth between lower gold and upper silver elo over the course of the past few years.  I am the perfect candidate to help people climb out of the lower elos because I have climbed out of bronze myself on a few occasions in very low game counts every time (roughly 35-38 LP per win + division skips because of very high win rates in lower elos).  This means I know exactly what it takes to climb out of the depths of bronze and start working your way up toward your goals. Sessions will be (roughly but not limited to) 30 minutes.  Feel free to contact me with any relevant questions if you are interested!  Thanks for reading and best of luck to all of you on the rift!

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